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I was looking for some community lots on small sized lots so I could add a few of them to worlds that don't have entertainment venues and kept coming across bars and clubs that were built on ridiculous-sized lots (64x11 anyone?). I really like EA's Waylon's Haunt dive bar from Bridgeport but it comes on a 64x32 lot with an huge empty decorative building next to it. I decided to make the dive bar usable for everyone and easy to place in any world. So I took a LOT of pictures of the original bar and even wrote down the hex codes and materials used for the majority of objects and walls/floors. This lot is a rebuild and I did the best I could to match everything to what it was like in Bridgeport. It's reeeeeeally close but not a 100% match for the original. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

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Since people expressed interest in having this lot in their game and I have finally finished futzing around with it, here it is.

This lot was originally made by [info]alexxschmidt for TS2. All admiration for the cuteness of the lot should be directed at her. I just made a dodgy sketch in a notebook, did an interpretive dance, counted some squares and built it in TS3.

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Sooooo... last night I decided to try my hand an rebuilding some of the community lots that came with Late Night. I love a club called Aquarius but it has an indoor pool on the top floor of a building and I have no idea how to do that in TS2 so I decided to remake Waylon's Haunt, a dive bar, instead. Since I suck at landscaping the lot is absolutely bare on the outside. It's like that in TS3 anyway - down an alley, with a decorative empty lot on the side. I might have to get the Lot Expander or whatever it's called and shrink the sides. Or I might leave it as is so that people can add their personal touch in the side areas. Up to YOU what you do with the outside. The inside is a fairly faithful recreation of the bar you saw in this entry. And in this one. [info]selenaq13 did a different and totally fantastic rendition of this lot and you can find it here.

Here it my version:

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