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Since people expressed interest in having this lot in their game and I have finally finished futzing around with it, here it is.

This lot was originally made by [info]alexxschmidt for TS2. All admiration for the cuteness of the lot should be directed at her. I just made a dodgy sketch in a notebook, did an interpretive dance, counted some squares and built it in TS3.

Some layout pictures of the bare lot.

The top storey, which is totally empty and entirely decorative. In the furnished version I put some lights up there so that it would look pretty from the outside at night. You might want to place some paintings or other wall deco up there so it can be seen from the bottom level if you take pictures looking up towards the ceiling.

The 1st storey. Awesome.

The bottom-inside-the-foundations level. Contains a toilet block. Fascinating.

Looking at that you might want to fix the fence on the right hand side so it's all matchy matchy with the fence on the left.

View of the fully decorated lot at night.

Time for a tour.

I forgot to switch back to daylight. Have a dance floor and bar at night.

The rest of it is in full daylight so you can appreciate how light and airy the chapel feels.

Sorry about the lack of ceilings and pictures of the sky but the camera is almost impossible to control in build/buy mode. There is no cameraman mode so I could not drop the camera down from the second storey (which incidentally DOES contain celings).

I have not had the chance to test the lot yet but it should be playable. There is absolutely no reason why it should not be playable. You cannot place wedding cake on community lots in build/buy mode but that is why the little round table is there in the last picture. They can bring it in their pocket, aka inventory, and whip it out when needed. If you use this lot and experience any routing issues, please let me know and I will see it there is anything that I can do to fix it. Or you can, you know, move furniture around yourself to make routing better.


Lot size: 20x20

Compatibility: Made with patch 1.22. The lot should be fully base game compatible as long as you are patched to that patch version or higher.

Custom content: None

EP/SP content: Fence is from OLS, wedding arch is from Gen. Yes, that's right, other than those 2 items everything else is from the base game. If you install the lot with these EPs/SPs missing from your installation, these 2 items will simply disappear from the lot. So if you don't have Generations you can still grab this and attempt to maneuvre your effianced sims to the designated getting hitched spot and attempt to have them cooperate with your plans.


[info]alexxschmidt for the original TS2 lot which this is based on
EAxis for the game
Me for spending 3 days putting this sucker together for your downloading pleasure.


I have 2 versions available for you:

1. the lot is empty with only the toilet block and exterior flowers + fencing like you see in the layout images;

2. fully furnished as you see in the preview pictures. I know it's nothing fancy and all of you could do a better job but if you have a couple of sims ready to race for the altar this lot could do the job for you in a pinch.

Empty unfurnished lot Download@Mediafire // Download@Box

Furnished lot Download@Mediafire // Download@Box

I will provide Box links tomorrow. The Interwebs is being slower than molasses tonight so I can't be bothered uploading to 2 locations. It was painful enough uploading to one.


Do what you want with it. If you refurbish, both Alessia and I would love to see pictures. I can't wait to see this turned into a goth wedding chapel from hell. Just have fun with it. If you reupload, do not claim as your own.

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