Nov. 6th, 2010

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Sooooo... last night I decided to try my hand an rebuilding some of the community lots that came with Late Night. I love a club called Aquarius but it has an indoor pool on the top floor of a building and I have no idea how to do that in TS2 so I decided to remake Waylon's Haunt, a dive bar, instead. Since I suck at landscaping the lot is absolutely bare on the outside. It's like that in TS3 anyway - down an alley, with a decorative empty lot on the side. I might have to get the Lot Expander or whatever it's called and shrink the sides. Or I might leave it as is so that people can add their personal touch in the side areas. Up to YOU what you do with the outside. The inside is a fairly faithful recreation of the bar you saw in this entry. And in this one. [info]selenaq13 did a different and totally fantastic rendition of this lot and you can find it here.

Here it my version:

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This was a request and even though I had never made eye defaults for TS3 before I figured I would have a go.

I used the bottom half of Yumedust's Eyelove eyes for TS2, then duplicated, edited, stretched and otherwise beat it into shape. This is the result. Credit for the base textures goes to Yumedust, the rest of the work was done by me. A huge thank you to Aikea Guinea for the DDS used to create the default.

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