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This was a request and even though I had never made eye defaults for TS3 before I figured I would have a go.

I used the bottom half of Yumedust's Eyelove eyes for TS2, then duplicated, edited, stretched and otherwise beat it into shape. This is the result. Credit for the base textures goes to Yumedust, the rest of the work was done by me. A huge thank you to Aikea Guinea for the DDS used to create the default.

As per usual here is a large preview. I used no filters, no anything on these images. They are just resized.

Unedited, un-resized CAS preview.

In-game comparison on a vampire. My eyes are slightly darker than the EA original and the pupil is smaller. You can't really see it but there is an imperfection in the lower left of the iris, which looks like a weird white outline. This picture was supposed to illustrate that it is also present in the original EA eyes but due to loss of quality from screen to captured image it's not really obvious here. The eyes look perfectly fine on a regular sim. The imperfection is only present on vampires and it is present using all eyes. I tested using EA eyes, Tamo's default and my default and the result is the same each and every time. So please don't report this to me as a problem. It's not my fault, it's how EA designed the vampire overlay.

Download@Mediafire // Download@Box

To make these appear in your game you need to delete the files called CASPartCache, compositorCache and simCompositorCache, as well as the folder called WorldCaches if you have Riverview and/or Barnacle Bay installed.

This is a default so you need to remove any other eye default before placing this in your game.

As per usual, do what you want with these but don't claim as your own. If you use them as a base for creating your own default or contacts, please credit Yumedust and me for the texture and Aikea Guinea for the base DDS.
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