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I made these as a request for someone who was having problems with the original mixed method dependent defaults acting weird when a sim turned into a witch, with the witch overlay appearing only on the face and not on the body. These are INDEPENDENT defaults, so you do not need to have the custom skintones in your Downloads folder in order for them to work. I have tested them and there were absolutely no layering problems with these in my game. They were tested in my full game with all of my hacks in place, which are made up of 281 files in 30 folders. So if something was going to conflict, I'm pretty sure it would have.

Same image but absolutely enormous and unedited

Download@Mediafire // Download@Box

Only base game required

Same image but REALLY up close and personal

Zombie@Mediafire // Zombie@Box

Requires the University or Free Time expansion pack

Vampire@Mediafire // Vampire@Box

Requires the Nightlife expansion pack

The Day of the Triffids

To give you full disclosure about what was done to these, I had to use the child bodies for the toddlers. On the original skintone the baby and toddler scalp and body do not match the face in colour, which is why I had to make the replacement. Image showing the mis-match here and here.

Plantsim@Mediafire // Plantsim@Box

Seasons expansion pack required

All normals and supernaturals in one convenient download @Mediafire // @Box

All files made by me have been compressorised and playtested. All preview images show the defaults as they appear in-game. The sims wear clothing by EAxis and [profile] javabean_dreams. Plantsim father replacement by [personal profile] sixamsims (Gulliver Bromley). All other sims by me or EAxis. No makeup used. All supernaturals will show the sim's original eyes. The alien, which is an actual skintone and not an overlay, will show whatever eyes they have genetically.


Since these are no longer available anywhere consistent other than scattered around people's filehosting accounts, I am also making the originals available here. I used to have kiki's permission to host these when Phasmatic Sims was hacked a couple of years ago and since these are not officially hosted anywhere any more but still remain popular, I figure I might make them available here. I have no idea how to contact kiki at the moment as se has changed her LJ username from the last one I had for her. If anyone sees this and talks to her and she objects to her original files being hosted here, please ask her to contact me and let me know that she wants me to take them down.

In the meantime, have at them

The files you are looking for are the ones marked kiki. The other 5 files are the ones linked above.

Enjoy!!!> 29 June 2010 - the Mediafire files are currently offline. I have no idea what happened but none of the links were working and I could not get them to work. I need to reupload. In the meantime, please use the links to Box.



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