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This was requested on GOS. Since my game decided that it would start crashing for no particular reason I only managed to get one in-game pic, which means I don't have in-game previews so I can't post this on GOS. So it's here instead :)

As per my poll a couple of years ago, I have created 2 families. Family 1 contains 4 original Ninika colours, family 2 contains an original Ninika red with flash powder for black, fission for brown and incendiary for yellow. I compressorised it, too.

Oh! And I alpha edited it! You may or may not notice but the sim in my previews does not look like she is suffering from alopecia (my edit is on the right, Raon's original texture on the left) but has a more or less full head of hair. Even if it is thinning due to this being a free mesh that Raon quite obviously slapped together in about 5 minutes. It animates like it was made 5 years ago and not a couple of months ago. If I could mesh I would give the bone assignment a kicking but since I can't we will just have to deal with crunchy animations. Nom nom nom crunchy goodness!

I also made neon recolours using Pooklet's colour actions. For now I will assume that everyone knows what the colours look like. I just haven't had the time to make a swatch of what they look like on Ninika's textures. You will just have to trust me that the colours are the same as on Pooklet's textures.

Download naturals  @Mediafire     //     @Box

Download neons   @Mediafire     //     @Box

Download everything in one RAR   @Mediafire     //     @Box

CC credits

Skintone by [personal profile] astromeso  (Rebel)
Eyes by me (unreleased)
Makeup by Jessi, Chagassi and Bruno
No idea who made the lipstick because they didn't sign it
Necklace by Yam (sorry, no idea where to find it! I downloaded it years ago)
Clothing by Needlecream
Model is Heather Robson

Mesh is included in each RAR (because sites go missing all the time) so if you download the neons and naturals separately make sure you remove one copy of the mesh.



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