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[personal profile] engram2012-01-16 02:24 pm
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TS2 - Newsea Night Bloom with Ninika txtr

I thought that this hair was simply stunning and it does not disappoint! I used Ninika's texture with a subtle overlay of Newsea's original highlights. The result is matte yet highlighted without being realistic. I rather like it. I hope you do, too!

Previews and download under the cut )
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[personal profile] engram2011-11-26 06:01 pm
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TS3 Cazy RainY Drops Hair 11

Cazy RainY Drops Hair 11 - male and female. Pooklet v3 texture.

2 versions of the hair under the cut )
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[personal profile] engram2011-10-16 11:32 am
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TS3 Raon F36 Pooklet txtr alpha edit

Raon F36 retextured using Pooklet's texture. With a minor alpha edit to reduce baldness.

More previews and download links under the cut )
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[personal profile] engram2011-10-08 01:10 pm
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TS3 Lips 001 by Engram

Not a very inspiring title but I hope everyone likes these anyway.

This is a lip stain based on HP's Natural Beauty Subtle Lipstick (for TS2).

another preview and downloads links under the cut )
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[personal profile] engram2011-09-13 09:49 pm
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TS3 Raon F34 with Pooklet texture + alpha edit

Raon F34 retextured using Pooklet's texture and alpha edited to remove the balding.

More previews and download links under the cut )
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[personal profile] engram2011-09-13 09:31 pm
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TS3 Elexis@MTS Quorra Hair with Pooklet txtr

Quorra Hair by Elexis @MTS retextured using Pooklet's texture.

More previews and download links under the cut )
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[personal profile] engram2011-09-06 05:54 pm
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Community lot: Waylon's Haunt (dive bar) on a 20x20 lot

I was looking for some community lots on small sized lots so I could add a few of them to worlds that don't have entertainment venues and kept coming across bars and clubs that were built on ridiculous-sized lots (64x11 anyone?). I really like EA's Waylon's Haunt dive bar from Bridgeport but it comes on a 64x32 lot with an huge empty decorative building next to it. I decided to make the dive bar usable for everyone and easy to place in any world. So I took a LOT of pictures of the original bar and even wrote down the hex codes and materials used for the majority of objects and walls/floors. This lot is a rebuild and I did the best I could to match everything to what it was like in Bridgeport. It's reeeeeeally close but not a 100% match for the original. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

More preview pics and download link under the cut )
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[personal profile] engram2011-08-30 01:14 pm
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TS3 Newsea's Physical retextured 2 ways!

My forays into TS3 hair retexturing have well and truly begun. For the maiden voyage I bring you Newsea's Physical retextured with both Pooklet's and Ninika's textures.


[Don't Fight It]


[So Many Nights]

Both can be found at Sims2Supernova. Just follow the links underneath the pictures.
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[personal profile] engram2011-08-04 08:00 pm
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Raon 95 with Ninika textures

This was requested on GOS. Since my game decided that it would start crashing for no particular reason I only managed to get one in-game pic, which means I don't have in-game previews so I can't post this on GOS. So it's here instead :)

More previews and dowload links under the cut )

CC credits

Skintone by [personal profile] astromeso  (Rebel)
Eyes by me (unreleased)
Makeup by Jessi, Chagassi and Bruno
No idea who made the lipstick because they didn't sign it
Necklace by Yam (sorry, no idea where to find it! I downloaded it years ago)
Clothing by Needlecream
Model is Heather Robson

Mesh is included in each RAR (because sites go missing all the time) so if you download the neons and naturals separately make sure you remove one copy of the mesh.
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[personal profile] engram2011-06-14 01:37 pm
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Anonymous comments temporarily blocked

Sorry but I've had to temporarily block anonymous comments due to a sudden influx of spam comments on the community. I will unblock again next week and see how it goes, but for now I'm going to try to wait out the sudden spam comment storm.
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[personal profile] engram2011-06-05 11:09 pm
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Little White Chapel - a community lot for TS3

Since people expressed interest in having this lot in their game and I have finally finished futzing around with it, here it is.

This lot was originally made by [info]alexxschmidt for TS2. All admiration for the cuteness of the lot should be directed at her. I just made a dodgy sketch in a notebook, did an interpretive dance, counted some squares and built it in TS3.

Preview pictures and dowload links right this way )
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[personal profile] engram2011-05-13 10:41 am
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ATI graphics card shadow fix

OK dudes and dudettes! Seems we have a fix for the ATI square shadows issue. HUGE thanks to [profile] maplewich  and [profile] lillzy  for pointing me in the right direction.

Preview images and download under the cut )
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[personal profile] engram2011-05-06 11:18 pm
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[Never Enough] Evanesco's TS3 to TS2 casement window conversion - recolour set 2

Continuing with the theme of naming these sets after songs by The Cure and including super boring preview pictures, I bring you Never Enough - Evanesco's TS3 to TS2 casement window and door conversion recolour set in Pooklet's naturals!


Swatches, because I could not be bothered taking in-game previews of all 18 colours (that's "family 1" + mail bomb up there).

The 4 families.

The 2 greys.

Download@Mediafire  //  Download@Box


Madaya74 for the TS3 meshes
[personal profile] ocsenave  for the conversion to TS2
[personal profile] an_na  for the base wood texture
[personal profile] pooklet  for the colour actions

I have the textures for 3 other sets (Pooklet's neons, Aelia retro and jewels) all ready to go, just need to smoosh it all together, make shiny swatches and take crappy preview pics.
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[personal profile] engram2011-04-24 04:21 pm
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[Bulletproof] TSM to TS3 eye default

So I may or may not be on a roll this weekend. I have yet to finish those door and window retextures but instead I bring you a new TS3 eye default. This makes everyone (except the TS2-only players) happy, yes?

These are the eyes from The Sims Medieval. Yes, you read that right. I made the iris bigger to match the TS3 size but otherwise I did not touch the original texture in any way. These look really good in-game so the preview pictures are actually totally untouched, with absolutely no filters used so you can see exactly what they look like.

They are absolutely yummy! Or at least I think so :)

CAS preview, not that this tells you much because it's so small. Original non-resized pic here.

Download@Mediafire  //  Download@Box

These are defaults. Before using, delete your cache files, the thumbnails folder and the WoldCaches folder (if you have one). If you don't they won't show up on your sims and you will continue to see your previous defaults.

ETA: A no catchlights version is now available!

I know the description says "no catchlights" and you can see catchlights in the pictures. Those just come automatically with the game. I have no idea how to make them go away. I guess I mean "no extra built in catchlights so it doesn't look like the sim's eye is all catchlights and no iris" :D

: EA Games for the texture. Inge and Peter Jones for S3PE.

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[personal profile] engram2011-04-23 11:04 pm
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[Fascination Street] Evanesco's TS3 to TS2 casement window conversion - recolour set 1

This is going to consist of quite a few sets. I'm starting with the smallest and simplest set, namely black and white wood by an_nas and the 3 shades of wood from the Apartment Life EP. Because I use those the most. I have already made the textures just not the files for all of Pooklet's naturals and customs, ALL of Aelia's colours and all of CuriousB's colours. I haven't had the time to put it all together or take preview pictures yet but it should all go up in the next day or two.

Feels good to be making stuff again :) And yes, my hand is still gimpy but it's been 5 weeks with zero improvement and I have decided that since it's not better yet (or at all, really) I might as well suffer through the pain and get stuff done than wait for my tendons to re-attach and my bones to knit.

Get the meshes here.

Download@Mediafire  //  Download@Box

More recolours coming as soon as I can get myself organised enough to put it all together.


Madaya74 for the TS3 meshes
[personal profile] ocsenave  for the conversion to TS2
[personal profile] an_na  for the white and black wood textures
Piggis Sims for the AL wood textures

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[personal profile] engram2011-04-23 07:52 pm
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Unfinished wall - default replacement

Potentially useful for legacy players, I guess. This was being looked for on [profile] wcif_sims by [personal profile] pixelcurious and since I abuse her Jack's Alien Eyes shamelessly by attaching them to various skintones and slapping scleras on them and just generally having a good time with them I figured I would return the favour and give her something she might like to occasionally abuse in her game.

These are a default replacement for the unfinished/bare wall. You know - the wall you see when you build a new house or community lot before you slap a wall covering on it. [personal profile] pixelcurious asked that only one be made and gave me a variety of choices for which textures I could use for the replacement. Since I am known for my enthusiasm when making default replacements it should surprise nobody when I used all 12 textures and churned out 12 defaults.

The 4 sheetrock textures

The 4 wood textures

The 4 half wood / half sheetrock textures.

All textures are from game files (Nightlife) and thus qualify as "Maxis Match".

Download@Mediafire // Download@Box

I will add a mediafire link as soon as it stops being a douche and lets me upload the file.

There is only one RAR in the download because the files are fairly small. Most of the space in the RAR is taken up by the preview images. Remember that you can only use ONE of the files at any given time because this is a default replacement. The RAR will unpack into it's own folder containing 12 default replacement files and 12 preview images. The files and images have matching names so you can choose the one you want and transfer that one (and ONLY that one) to your Downloads folder. In-game you will not get the nifty changing panel effect you see in the images in this post. You get only ONE of the panels repeating over and over.

Credits: Maxis for the textures, [personal profile] pixelcurious for the idea.

Base game compatible, no EP required. The Nightlife textures have been extracted from the game.
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[personal profile] engram2011-03-05 09:19 pm
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TS2 sim Heather Robson

Meet Heather, a shy girl looking love or adventure. Or anything you choose for her to do, really

Bodyshop previews


With CC

In-game previews

Clicking a picture takes you to a large unedited copy of the image.

CC list

You can download the whole set of her hair here (link to thread to be added once hair is posted)

Download Heather with CC

Download Heather without CC

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