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Potentially useful for legacy players, I guess. This was being looked for on [profile] wcif_sims by [personal profile] pixelcurious and since I abuse her Jack's Alien Eyes shamelessly by attaching them to various skintones and slapping scleras on them and just generally having a good time with them I figured I would return the favour and give her something she might like to occasionally abuse in her game.

These are a default replacement for the unfinished/bare wall. You know - the wall you see when you build a new house or community lot before you slap a wall covering on it. [personal profile] pixelcurious asked that only one be made and gave me a variety of choices for which textures I could use for the replacement. Since I am known for my enthusiasm when making default replacements it should surprise nobody when I used all 12 textures and churned out 12 defaults.

The 4 sheetrock textures

The 4 wood textures

The 4 half wood / half sheetrock textures.

All textures are from game files (Nightlife) and thus qualify as "Maxis Match".

Download@Mediafire // Download@Box

I will add a mediafire link as soon as it stops being a douche and lets me upload the file.

There is only one RAR in the download because the files are fairly small. Most of the space in the RAR is taken up by the preview images. Remember that you can only use ONE of the files at any given time because this is a default replacement. The RAR will unpack into it's own folder containing 12 default replacement files and 12 preview images. The files and images have matching names so you can choose the one you want and transfer that one (and ONLY that one) to your Downloads folder. In-game you will not get the nifty changing panel effect you see in the images in this post. You get only ONE of the panels repeating over and over.

Credits: Maxis for the textures, [personal profile] pixelcurious for the idea.

Base game compatible, no EP required. The Nightlife textures have been extracted from the game.
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